Welcome to

Machangulo Beach Lodge

The management and staff of Machangulo Beach Lodge take great pleasure in welcoming you to our beautiful home.  We are delighted to host you and we would like to thank you for choosing us for your Mozambican adventures. We are here to make your stay a memorable experience so please don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you.   We wish you a wonderful stay here at Machangulo!

Management Team

Admin Manager – Jossefa Mingane

Bem Vindo @ Machangulo Beach Lodge. My name is Jossefa and I am the team leader. I started working at Machangulo during the building phase in 2008 and was employed in the beginning as a waiter in 2011. After 6 years of being a waiter I am now responsible for leading the team. I spend most of my time with administration and management, making sure your experience is as smooth as possible. I do, however, love spending time with all our guests, so please do let me know if you require my attention, I’m here to help.

Housekeeping Manager – Armando Mandlate

Hi, my name is Armando and I’m from Santa Maria. I started to work for Machangulo Beach Lodge in 2011 as a waiter and Barman. In 2018 I was promoted to Housekeeping Manager. My team and I are here to make sure you get the best service in your room. Please be sure to let  I am happy to be a part of Machangulo family. Thank you for visiting our home MBL.

Bar Manager – Claudio Vilanculo

My name is Cláudio José Vilanculo. I have been working at Machangulo Beach Lodge 2018 as Head Barman. I’m happy when you are happy. Please visit me and my team at either bar so we can show your or own style.

Head Chef – Levite Nhaca

Ola! I’m Levite and I am the Head Chef here making sure your mealtime is enjoyable. My goal is to show you our wonderful fresh products available in the area. I started cooking here at Machangulo Beach Lodge and have worked my way up from washing dishes in 2016, to where I am now the leader in the kitchen. My team and I thank you for giving us a chance to cook for you and we invite your feedback please.

Maintenance Manager – Tedious Chinundu

Hi, my name is Tede. I started as an electrician here at Machangulo Beach Lodge in 2008. I am the Maintenance Manager and I fight the elements to make sure our lodge looks great and functions well. Please talk to me if you see any maintenance issues during your stay. Thank you for choosing to stay with us.

The Lodge

Machangulo Beach Lodge was built in 2009 & 2010. The lodge is specifically planned to fit the natural environment of the beautiful dune forest in which it is situated. It was essential to ensure the lodge had a minimal impact on the pristine nature of the peninsula. Many changes have been made over the years to optimize guest experience and further minimize any negative impact on the environment. A huge effort was made to use local materials, labour and resources. Machangulo Beach Lodge is proud to be a sustainable, environmentally conscious business that focuses on local job creation. Our staff are all Mozambican and 99% of them are from our area.


The colourful culture of Southern Mozambique inspired us when designing the lodge. Our goal was to showcase the wonderful and vibrant Latin African culture of the area, to create a truly authentic experience. At the same time the undeniably epic nature that surround the lodge was an equally important highlight.

By combining the culture and nature of the area, a truly authentic sense of place was created.  Central to this is the traditional “Capulana” fabric you will find all over the lodge.

In fact, you’ll find that the Capulana is central to almost every person in Mozambique. It is a cultural phenomenon that is drenched throughout daily live in Southern Mozambique. We have, as is the practice in our region, draped ourselves, the lodge and all its decor in Capula fabric.



The weather here at the coast is affected by many factors and is always changing. Here are some links that will give you a great idea of things to come:
Windfinder  |  Windy  


The tide changes roughly every 6 hours and we know you will enjoy watching this epic battle between high and low tide. Click below to see who is winning right now. . .

Tide Charts for Cabo de Santa Maria

Slippery when Wet

Please take special care on the decks and all hard surfaces in and around the lodge and your room. Being in this forested ocean environment, most surfaces are wet for at least a portion of the day, so please take it slow and take care not to fall.

Medical information

Please ensure that you tell the staff of any relevant medical information that we should be aware of so that we are properly prepared to assist.

Emergencies & Evacuations

For any medical assistance or emergencies, please contact the management team with the in-room telephone on 100 or on the Whatsapp guest portal. In the unlikely event of an emergency requiring the evacuation of the lodge please make your way down to the beach where staff will assist. Please be aware that the lodge does not have a boat on standby to evacuate guests to Maputo, our nearest medical assistance is in Santa Maria or on Inhaca Island.


The Machangulo peninsula is home to many wildlife species and if you are lucky you will get to meet many of them. We also live with a troop of monkeys and several Genets. Although they might seem tame, they are not. Please do not feed them. Please treat all snakes, spiders and scorpions as venomous, even though very few of them are.

Mosquitos and Malaria

Mosquito bites are rare here and the lodge is in an area with a very low population of people and mosquitos, reducing the risk of Malaria in our area. It is, however, always advisable to follow your medical practitioner’s advice. Use protection where possible and avoid being bitten. We are not aware of any guests that have ever contracted Malaria at the lodge, so do not let the presence of a few mozzies detract from your holiday.

Sun Protection

You are likely here in Mozambique to enjoy maximum amounts of our great year-round sunshine. Please do take caution, the sun can be intense, and one often forgets that the sun’s reflection off the water can be just as powerful as direct sun exposure. Please use adequate protection. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied several times a day.


Staying hydrated will make sure that you get the maximum enjoyment from your holiday. Proper hydration will keep you healthy and feeling full of energy to enjoy Machangulo to its fullest. The hot weather and high humidity can de-hydrate you faster than you expect, so ensure that you drink enough water.

All rooms have drinking water provided in jugs and glass bottles. This water is clean and filtered. We will replenish your water daily. Please let us know should you need additional water. Plastic bottled water is available, but we request you to please take the environment into consideration, plastic comes with a heavy burden on the environment. We do charge for plastic bottled water. At the breakfast buffet and Baixas bar you will find water dispensers all day, should you need to fill your bottle. Additionally, please ask a member of staff to provide you with some additional water.

Tea & Coffee

Your room is equipped with a tea and coffee station, please feel free to help yourself. Please ask any staff member should you require a refill of any item.

Tea and coffee are always complimentary and available all day. During meals simply ask your waiter. Both bars will be able to help you during the rest of the day.

Beach Towels and Basket

African Kikois, a staple here in Mozambique serve us well as beach towels. They are friendly to the environment and easy on the eye! They are also for sale from the office as they make an excellent travel companion. They are available in your rooms with the beach basket & you are welcome to ask any housekeeping staff or the manager to replace your towel for you at any time. You could also leave it on the floor in your bathroom to be replaced. Please consider the environment when doing so.

Language barrier

Most of our staff have a good command of English, but it is at best a third or fourth language to them so please keep that in mind. Some members of our staff are still in the developing stages of the new language they have been introduced to, so should you find yourself lost in translation please inform the management team so that we can help.

There are 17 languages spoken in Mozambique, the primary ones in the south being Shangaan, Tswa and Ronga. Portuguese is the official language and most widely understood

Here are a couple of useful Portuguese Phrases you might find helpfull:

Good morning = Bom dia

Good afternoon = Boa tarde

Good evening = Boa noite

Hello = Ola

Goodbye = Tchau

Our Culture

Most of us are part of the Shangaan people & culture here at the lodge. We have a deep respect for you, our guests. We want you to enjoy learning about our culture and area. If we come across you as shy or drawn back, please understand this as our way of showing respect to you and most certainly not an unwillingness to help.


Please note that Mozambican law strictly prohibits smoking in public areas. We ask that you refrain from smoking in any buildings. Smoking outside is permitted but we ask that you not smoke in the presence of other guests. Due to the high fire risk, we ask that you make use of the ashtrays provided. We kindly ask that you never flick cigarettes into the bush. Smoking in the rooms is also not permitted under any circumstances please.


Wireless internet is available throughout the lodge and rooms please connect to the Machangulo guest WIFI.   Wi-Fi is free to all our guests. Even though the line can handle all our guests, we ask that you avoid updating software and downloading large files like movies, please.

In Room Telephone

The phone in your room is helpful if you’d like to contact management. Dial 100 for reception. The office is manned from 7:00 to 21:00. Any after-hours calls will be charged at $50 unless in an emergency situation. The phone system is unable to make outside calls, it is for local use only.


There are several ways to enjoy the pristine beaches around the lodge. Walking, swimming and just lounging around. The thatch (called majeka) umbrellas are available to all our guests and a waiter will ensure that you remain well hydrated while enjoying some sunshine.   Machangulo Beach Lodge is surrounded by world-class swimming beaches. Most beaches are entirely safe for swimming and can be enjoyed for most of the day. The topography of the channel in front of the lodge leads to strong currents during spring tides and we ask that our guests take special care of the conditions.  We suggest that our guests avoid swimming on an outgoing tide in the channel.  Management will be able to give you more info on the tides. Swimming at night is also not recommended. No lifeguards are on duty. Parents or guardians need to accompany children at all times when swimming.  If you are unsure of the conditions, feel free to ask the management team.


Breakfast is served in our Delagoa Lounge from 7:30am – 9:30am. A fresh and simple buffet with cereals, fruits and pasties is available. Proteins are prepared as per your order and your waiter will make sure you start the day right. Lunch options will also be presented to you after breakfast. Please inform your waiter of your preference.


Lunch is served at our Baixas area between 12:00 & 13:30. Your waiter will also present you with dinner options, please let them know what your preference is.


Chef Levite creates 3 course daily menus based on what fresh food is available to him in the area. Where we can we support local, sustainable food vendors and we aim to always have as many options as possible on the menu. Starter and Main meal options will be presented to you at lunch. Generally, these options would include a meat option, a seafood option and a vegetarian option. Desert is a special event for our kitchen, and we know you’ll love tasting it as much as the team enjoyed making it. Dinner is served between 07:00pm and 8:30pm in the main dining hall of Delagoa.


Bar service starts at 10am daily from the Baixas Bar. Claudio and his team hope to make your day more interesting with their variety of freshly made cocktails. The Baixas bar waiters will also be able to assist you on the beach and at the pool, so make sure they know if you’d like service in those areas.

From 5pm Claudio and his team move to the Delagoa (Main, upstairs) Bar. Grab a sundowner or pre-dinner drink while lounging in Delagoa with your travel companions.


Lidia, our Spa therapist can’t wait to enhance your experience by adding a massage or treatment. She has a mobile spa bed that she can bring to your room’s veranda or can suggest a relaxing place for you to enjoy her gentle touch.

Standard Manicure (60min) – MZN 1 858
Standard Pedicure (60min) – MZN 1 858
Express Facial – MZN 1 500
Anti-Aging Facial – MZN 3 600
30min Swedish Massage – MZN 2100
60min Swedish Massage – MZN 3 500
90min Swedish Massage – MZN 5 265
30min Deep Tissue Massage – MZN 2 100
60min Deep Tissue Massage – MZN 3 500
30min Aroma Therapy – MZN 2 100
60min Aroma Therapy – MZN 3 500
90min Aroma Therapy – MZN 5 265
60min Full Body Massage – MZN 3 500
30min Scalp Massage – MZN 2 100


Walk to the Wreck at Ponta Abril

A nice walk along the beach on the East side of the lodge to the Ship wreck that was stranded on 15 October 2018 due to bad weather that suddenly blew from the south.
The walk to the Wreck takes about 3 hours, please remember to bring your water and sunscreen!

Take the great dune walk from Vista Mar on the sunset deck, to discover more about the lodge.

Dune Walk – 30-60min
Visit Bemugi’s Restaurant
Visit Maputo National Park for the day.

External Charters

Fishing Day Trips (per charter, max of 6 pax)
Full Day Marlin Fishing: MZN 57 600
Full Day Fishing MZN 51 200
Half Day Fishing MZN 44 800
*Fishing tackle, fuel and some cold drinks included
*If 2 days or more of fishing is booked, a discounted rate of less MZN 3 200 per day will apply.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching (per charter, max of 6 pax) MZN 41 600

The best time for whale watching is between August and October – the chances are good to see dolphins and other Marine life during this time as well.
Guests will depart Machangulo and go to the lighthouse while looking for the whales – then guests will go to the Portuguese Islands next to Inhaca and back to Machangulo.
Duration of the trip is 5 – 6 Hours.
(Stop at the Portuguese Islands with lunch at Lucas Restaurant – Lunch for guest account
Island reserve tax is 200 meticais for foreigners and 100 meticais for locals.)

Scuba Diving

Inhaca Reserve Shore Entry – 1 hour
Off Shore Reef Dive – 1.5 hours

Transfers One Way Per Person

Lodge to Bemugi’s – 10min MZN 400
Lodge to Inhaca Point/Reserve – 5min MZN 200
Lodge to Inhaca Village – 30min MZN 4 000
Lodge to Portuguese Island – 35min MZN 5 000
Lodge to Maputo – 90min MZN 6 000
Lodge to Santa Maria – 20min MZN 600


Beach Picnic on Inhaca Island – half day MZN 2 500
The picnic takes place on Inhaca Island opposite the lodge, it is a 7 – 10 min trip per boat. We will take tables, chairs and a Gazzibo to the site and will do the setup for you.
Please arrange with a waiter for a coolerbox of drinks for the excursion.
Departure from the lodge is at 11:00am where lunch will be delivered to you at 12:30.
Please be sure to arrange with your guide or skipper for returning to the lodge.

Other Experiences

Dhow is a local wooden boat that can be explored on the bay between Inhaca and Machangulo bay and is much recommended to cruise and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the bay, the lodge will organize snacks for you.
Dhow Cruise – 2 hours MZN 1 500

Santa Maria Village Tour – 2 hours MZN 1 000
The Santa Maria Village Tour is a great opportunity to meet the community of the village by visiting. It is a small village with shops and a small market. We recommend bringing cash with if you want to support the local community.
The boat will depart at high tide.

Inhaca Island Village Tour – Half Day MZN 4 000
From the Lodge you will take the boat accross to Inhaca Island where you will get the 4×4 (vehicle) so you can explore more about the Island.
Your guide will drive you all the way to the famous light house then to the village where there are two famous restaurants that we can recommend to have great lunch (Tropical Restaurant & Lucas Restaurant, cash only).
Please note that there is Handicraft shops if you want to support the local community.


Fins Hire – Full Day MZN 200
Mask & Snorkel Hire – Full Day MZN 200
Fins Retail – Adult/Kids Scubapro Sets MZN 3 000
Mask & Snorkel Retail – Various Sizes MZN 3 200
Inhaca Island Reserve Snorkel – MZN 1 600
Inhaca Island Reserve Snorkel with Picnic – MZN 2 600

Area / Location
Snorkeling mainly happens on Inhaca Island at the Marine Reserve. The location is easy to access by boat and there are two reefs. The Marine reserve Reef is an easy shore entry from the beach. The Coral Gardens reef is about 100 meters from the beach and can be reached by boat or by swimming. There is also a beautiful reef right in front of the lodge. It is a bit deeper and only 20% covered with coral but there are lots of cool things to see. Look out for turtles, eels, nudibrancs, shipwrecks and loads of fish.

When to Go
The visibility is best on the incoming tide and the very best visibility is just before and during the ebb of the high tide. As soon as the water turns and starts going out toward the low tide visibility falls dramatically. This reed is more difficult to snorkel due to tides and we recommend snorkeling here during neap tides and just before the ebb of the high tide.

Good To Know & Safety
Never touch reef, it is sharp and fragile. Please also avoid touching the reef with your fins, it breaks easily and grows very slowly. Avoid the reef in front of the lodge completely during the outgoing tide, the tides can be strong and will pull you directly toward the open ocean.


Single Kayak Rental – MZN 300 per hour
Double Kayak Rental – MZN 340 per hour
Stand Up Paddle Board Rental – MZN 300 per hour
Guided Kayak Trip to the Mangrove Estuary – 2 hours MZN 2 000

Paddling from the main beach into the bay is loads of fun.

When to Go
Take note of the tide and ensure you do not have to paddle against it on your way back.

Good To Know
Avoid the outgoing tide and the open ocean.

Drinks Menu

Please note that all drinks on this list can be either alcoholic (cocktail) or non-alcoholic (mocktail).

Mocktails – MZN 350
Cocktails – MZN 450

Tequila Sunrise
Tequila, Orange Juice and Lime Cordial with a dash of Grenadine.

Bacardi Rum, Home Made Lemonade topped with Soda Water and garnished with Lime Wedges and Mint Leaves.

Tequila, Tripple Sec, Fresh Lemon Juice and Lime Cordial.

Pineapple Dream
Bacardi Rum, Banana Liqueur, Pineapple Juice and Home made Lemonade.

Long Island Iced Tea
Vodka, Tripple Sec, Gin, Bacardi Rum, Tequila and a Sweet and Sour Mix with a splash of Coke.

Pina Colada
Bacardi Rum, Malibu, Pineapple Juice blended with Coconut Milk and a dash of Cream.

Sex on the Beach
Vodka, Archer Peach, Pineapple Juice blended with Coconut Milk and Cream.

Cachaca, Home made Lemonade garnished with Lime wedges and a dash of grenadine and honey.

Plunters Punch
Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice and Home made Lemonade with a dash of Grenadine and Passion Fruit.

Sun Downer
Mango Juice, Orange Juice, and Respberry Sparletta with a dash of Grenadine.

Melon Punch
Yellow & Green Melon blended with Pineapple Juice and Condensed Milk.

Santa Maria Breeze
Tropical Juice mixed with Full Cream Milk and a dash of Grenadine.


Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to do any guest laundry.

Check-out & Check-in Time

Check out time is 10am – please vacate your room before 10am on the day of your departure.

Generally, check-in can happen as soon as you arrive, but it is not guaranteed if you arrive early. Check-in is always available from 14:00.

Checkout Procedure

Specific checkout time depends on your scheduled boat departure. The team will discuss your time with you on the day prior to your departure. Please have your luggage ready for collection by the staff at least 30 min prior to your boat’s scheduled departure time. We ask that you vacate your room before 10am regardless of your departure time.

Bill Payments

The team will present you with your final invoice prior to your departure. Please sign a copy of your invoice and provide us with your email address (your address will not be sold or used for any other reason) so that we can send you a copy of your invoice and a statement of your stay via email.

Payment methods and Currency

We only accept VISA and Mastercard for payments and prefer you to not use cash please.
All transactions will be in Mozambique Metical.
You can use our bank’s website HERE to see current conversions to other major currencies.


If you feel the team has gone above and beyond to make your stay all that you had hoped for, please do feel free to tip according to conventions in your home country. Tips are greatly appreciated by staff and are divided equally across the team. You are also welcome to tip specific members of staff by indicating their name and the amount you’d like to leave them on your invoice.  Please help us to ensure fair distribution of your tip by declaring the tip on your invoice.