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Dear Mozambican Explorer,

The management and staff of Machangulo Beach Lodge take great pleasure in welcoming you to our beautiful home.  We are delighted to host you and we would like to thank you for choosing us for your Mozambican adventures. We are here to make your stay a memorable experience so please don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you.  We wish you a wonderful stay here at Machangulo!

Bem Vindo!

The Machangulo Family
Welcomes you to Mozambique

General Information

Machangulo Beach Lodge uses this online, paperless portal to communicate with you, our valued guest, the ins and outs of your visit with us. Here you will find all the info you would expect from an in-room information folder. 

In Case of Emergency

Medical Emergencies & Requirements

Please ensure that you tell the staff of any relevant medical information that we should be aware of so that we are properly prepared to assist. For any medical assistance or emergencies, please contact the management team with the in-room telephone on 100 or on the Whatsapp guest portal.

Lodge Evacuations

In the unlikely event of an emergency requiring the evacuation of the lodge, a loud siren should sound continuously. Evacuations assembly points are on the beach, so make your way down there. Please familiarise yourself with the evacuation plan and assembly areas located behind the bathroom door.


The Machangulo peninsula is home to many wildlife species and if you are lucky you will get to meet many of them. We also live with a troop of monkeys and several Genets.  Although they might seem tame, they are not. Please do not feed them.

Please treat all snakes, spiders and scorpions as venomous, even though few of them are.

 Keep safe from the sun

Please ensure that you are wearing protective clothing and sunscreen lotion at all times when enjoying the beautiful sunshine around the lodge.


The first inhabitants of Mozambique were of the Khoisan people, who lived in harmony with the land, using wood, leather and stone weapons and implements. The Nguni people migrated southwards, starting perhaps as early as the 3rd century AD, from the north and west of Africa, crossing the Zambezi River valley basin, which was a major barrier, and down the coastal plain. They then gradually spread into the plateau and coastal areas of South Eastern Africa.


Interactive Map

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Meet the Team

Our team of over 50 individuals are here to ensure you have a remarkable stay in Mozambique, here are the leaders of the teams. . .



Guest Relations Manager

Dear guest, thank you for visiting us here in Mozambique. My name is Alfredo Sousa and I am here to ensure your every need is taken care off. Please contact me on the WhatsApp portal or on extension 100 if you need me. I joined Machangulo in November 2016 and I hope to spend a lot of time with you during your stay.



Guest Coodinator

Hi my name is Siffiso and I started as a waiter here at Machangulo Beach Lodge. I am now the Guest Coordinator and I will be ensuring that the activities and service teams know your every desire. Please talk to me if you need anything, I am here to make your stay comfortable and friendly.



Activities Coordinator

My name is Cosmo and am a qualified guide in profession, I am here to give you a wonderful guest experience at Machangulo in all of our water and land based activities we offer, together with my team I look forward to welcoming you and assisting you during the course of your stay!



Operations Manager

I’m here to ensure that all our logistical and operational requirements are met and to provide support for the Machangulo team and head office. I joined the team here in 2018 and look forward to seeing Machangulo become THE beach break destination on the South East shoreline of this magical continent.



Stock & HR

I have worked at Machangulo since the building phase in 2008 and was employed in the beginning as a waiter in 2011. After 6 years of being a waiter I am now responsible for the stores and human resources of the lodge and hope to meet you during your stay. Bem vindos a Machangulo!



Head Chef

My name is Jesca and have been with the Machangulo team since 2018. I work with a team of locally employed cooks and together we will ensure your food needs are well taken care of during your time staying with us at Machangulo.


Our food and beverage experience focuses on local cuisines with fresh ingredients that showcase Southern Mozambique’s unique flair. Fresh seafood is our speciality and we highly recommend that you give it a try. We have a wide variety of abilities in the kitchen and we would like to showcase these to you. Should you feel that our portions are too large or small for your liking, please do not hesitate to let the staff know, they would like to get it just perfect for you. We would like to ensure that you enjoy your meals – as we have a wide variety of expectations here at Machangulo we invite you to communicate your culinary expectations with our service staff. Please ensure that we aware of any allergies.


  • Breakfast is Served

    From 7:30 am to 9:30 am

  • Where?

    Delagoa Lounge

  • Style

    Continental buffet with ordered hot breakfast. The menu is available from your waiter.


  • Lunch is Served

    From 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

  • Where?

    Generally at Baixas bar. Packed lunches are also available, please tell your waiter if this works for you.

  • Style

    Your waiter will offer you some lunch options during breakfast. He will also confirm a time and place for you. Packed lunches are a great option for activities.


  • Dinner is Served

    From 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

  • Where?

    Delagoa lounge

  • Style

    Your waiter will offer you some dinner options during lunch. Starters generally include a soup or salad choice. Three options for dinner will be presented, including a seafood choice, a chicken or red meat option and a vegetarian option. The chef will surprise you with a delightful dessert after your main course.

Other information

  • Still feeling peckish?

    You are more than welcome to ask any staff members if you require an additional meal or snack, we are always able to help, even if it takes a bit of time.

  • Bar Snacks

    During pre-dinner drinks, we will have a snack at the Delagoa lounge, for you to enjoy with your drinks.

  • Additional information

    We have some unique experiences and locations for special events and would like to invite you to tell us about any events, anniversaries, birthdays or special occasion – we’d like to create something special for you.

Feeling Thirsty?

Machangulo Beach Lodge features two unique bars and a variety of options to quench every thirst.

Delagoa Bar

  • Bar is open

    From 5 pm onwards. Should you require service outside these hours, please request this from our service staff, they are happy to assist.

  • Where?

    Delagoa Lounge

  • Style

    Great place to enjoy drinks before and after dinner, with a spectacular view and deck.

  • Contact


Baixas Bar (Dhow Bar)

  • Dhow bar is open

    From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Where?

    Baixas bar is at the Baixas(meaning “lower” in Portuguese) complex.

  • Style

    Great for all your daytime drinks and cocktails. From here we also service the beach and the viewpoints.

  • Contact



Here at Machangulo, we do not have a set wine list perse – Owner Christiaan Nolte, a wine lover, selects rare and exclusive wines on a continual basis, always ensuring some uniques options. There is a wine display case in the Delagoa lounge that has a selection of what is available on show. Please talk to your waiter if you require any additional information.

Your Room

Water and Minibar info

  • Drinking Water

    All rooms have drinking water provided in jugs and glass bottles. This water is clean and filtered and replenished daily. Please let us know should you need additional water. Plastic bottled water is available but we request you to please take the environment into consideration, plastic comes with a heavy burden on the environment. We do charge for plastic bottled water.

  • Additional Water

    At the breakfast buffet and Baixas bar you will find water dispensers all day, should you need to fill your bottle. Additionally please ask a member of staff to provide you with some additional water.

  • Minibar

    Your room has a fully stocked minibar that is restocked every day. Soft drinks are $2.50, liquor miniatures are $5 and wine (red and white) $6 each.

  • Tea and Coffee

    Your room is equipped with a tea and coffee station, please feel free to help yourself.

Other information

  • Activities

    Our service team will gladly prepare a cooler box with some drinks for you, you will be charged for only those drinks that you use. Please ask any waiter should you require a cooler box.

  • Tea and Coffee

    Tea and coffee are always complimentary and available all day. During meals simply ask your waiter. Both bars will be able to help you during the rest of the day.

  • Selected Juices

    At the breakfast buffet and Baixas bar you will find some juice available all day, please feel free to help yourself or ask a waiter for some. This is a complimentary service.


Most of our staff have a good command of English, but it is at best a third or fourth language to them so please keep that in mind. We also speak Afrikaans, Portuguese and Shangane. Some members of our staff are still in the developing stages of the new language they have been introduced to, so should you find yourself lost in translation please inform the management team so that we can help.

Beach towels

African Kikois, a staple here in Mozambique serve us well as beach towels. They are friendly to the environment and easy on the eye! They are also for sale from the office as they make an excellent travel companion. They are available in your rooms with the beach basket – you are welcome to ask any housekeeping staff or the manager to replace your towel for you at any time. You could also leave it on the floor in your bathroom to be replaced. Please consider the environment when doing so.


There are several ways to enjoy the pristine beaches around the lodge. Walking, swimming and just lounging around. The thatch(called majeka) umbrellas are available to all our guests and a waiter will ensure that you remain well hydrated while enjoying some sunshine.

Machangulo Beach Lodge is surrounded by world-class swimming beaches. Most beaches are entirely safe for swimming and can be enjoyed for most of the day. The topography of the channel in front of the lodge leads to strong currents during spring tides and we ask that our guests take special care of the conditions. We suggest that our guests avoid swimming on an outgoing tide in the channel. Swimming at night is also not recommended.

No lifeguards are on duty. Parents or guardians need to accompany children at all times when swimming.  If you are unsure of the conditions, feel free to ask the management team.

The beaches on Inhaca island are “swimmable” more often, as are the beaches on the open ocean side of the lodge, so go for it or let us know if you’d like a lift to Inhaca.

We also urge you to make use of high protection sunscreen and sun protective clothing to avoid sunburn and sunstroke.

Unfortunately plastic is a major problem worldwide although we try very hard to clean the beaches, there is a constant flow of plastic being dumped on the beaches around the lodge, please take care not to step on any sharp pieces and lend a helping hand to mother nature by picking up any plastic you find lying around. Bins are provided everywhere through our community garbage initiative KA KU Basa.


Please note that Mozambican law strictly prohibits smoking in public areas, however, you are more than welcome to smoke outside. Due to the high fire risk, we ask that you make use of the ashtrays provided. We kindly ask that you never flick cigarettes into the bush, please!

Keeping connected

Wireless internet is available throughout the lodge and rooms please connect to the “Machangulo_guest” WIFI.  Wi-Fi is free to all our guests. Even though the line is capable of handling all our guests, we ask that you avoid updating software and downloading large files like movies, please.

Mobile reception can be limited in certain parts of the lodge. Should you need assistance connecting, please let us know.


Telephone extension list

Our telephone network is connected to all rooms and most public areas, please feel free to contact our staff with it. 
The office is manned from 7:00 to 21:00. Any after-hours calls will be charged at $50 unless in an emergency situation. The phone system is unable to make outside calls, it is for local use only. 
After Hours Emergency Call100


Check out these great links for more information on the weather situation.

Activities & Excursions

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such incredible natural beauty. We truly hope that you will take the opportunity to join us on the adventures to explore this natural wonderland


The Dune Walking Trail is easily accessible from the lodge that will give you magnificent views of the beach and the lodge. The trail starts at Vista Mar. On the dunes you will immediately notice the shade cloth barriers. Machangulo Beach Lodge is working very hard to rehabilitate the storm damaged dune to our south, these barriers are designed to protect plants from the wind and we hope to re-establish the lush forests on the dunes. There are many other beaches, dunes and forests to explore in the area. Please chat to the activities staff should you require any information.


The Spa

Beautiful view, great treatments – come in and relax!

Goodbye to our whale friends, we had a wonderful time. We will see you again next year. ... See MoreSee Less

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